"left, right meet on Patriot Act"


The Chicago Sun-Times reports on new pending Patriot Act legislation.
There are bipartisan bills now in the Senate designed to curtail the broad powers of the USA Patriot Act. The Protecting the Rights of Individuals Act, proposed by Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, does not repeal any parts of the Patriot Act, but does "limit some of the language that imperils a number of our fundamental liberties". One part of the bill would limit "the FBI's ability to look at sensitive, personal information -- including library and Internet records -- without some specific suspicion", and requires the FBI to meet probable cause before proceeding. Another section of the bill would tighten some loose language allowing political activists exercising their First Amendment rights to be defined as terrorists.


While reading the Chicago Sun Times article, LISNews readers might be interesting in two new Congressional Research Service reports on the PATRIOT Act:

"USA Patriot Act Sunset: Provisions That Expire on December 31, 2005" by Charles Doyle, January 2:


An abbreviated version of the same report is available as "USA Patriot Act Sunset: A Sketch," January 7:


These reports were posted by the every helpful Federation of American Scientists.fas.org>