Joyce grandson threatens to ban readings at festival

Dublin as planned a three-month festival of celebrations costing about £700,000.

Unfortunately, the only living direct descendant of Joyce has promised to disrupt the festival by banning any public readings of his work.

Stephen Joyce, the writer’s grandson, has informed the Irish government he will sue for breach of copyright if any recitations take place. The septuagenarian who lives in Paris, has made millions of pounds from the proceeds of copyright of Joyce’s work and from suing for its infringement.

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Personally, I hope the selfish, money-grubbing prick drops dead really soon.

Well, if people keep reading Joyce without permission, this poor man's fortune will be taken away.

Since he's an elderly man, you'll probably get your wish. But what about the next person who exercises their rights under the British copyright laws in a way you disagree with? Do you usually advocate death for people who do stuff you don't like?

Sorry, can't get the ole sympathy meter to jump for an old fart who is already rich and wants to live off work done 80 years ago. Write your own damn books.