Thinking ahead to LISNews story 10k - Win Big Prizes!!


We currently have 9386 stories in the ol' LISNews db. A pretty decent collection, if I do say so myself...
Looking ahead a few hundred stories, I'd like to post a fun little collection of things that say "10K". So I'm asking all LISNewsterz to get out their digital cameras, crayons, colored pencils, Photoshop or MS Paint and send us something that shows us how happy you are that we hit 10,000 stories.
Think of it as sort of a Human Clock, but much simpler. I'm just looking for one number. Be creative, get a tattoo, stack some books, shave it in your head, or just draw it on a napkin. You can send in a URL, or email an image file to blake at lisnews period com.

The best creations will win an autographed copy of The War On Our Freedoms, or, hosting on LISHost, or, best yet, a free, signed copy of "What Would Dewey Do?" and Bill will sketch the character of the winner's choice!Go Buy One if you're not going to enter.


1) all expenses-paid vacation
2) BMW or Mercedes
3) shopping spree
4) week at the Library Hotel

No one had better moderate this as anything but funny, because there's no chance you get any of those! It was funny though.

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