Dewey or Don't We? Librarians Cook

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 02/10/2004 - 01:28

Robin K. Blum from over at, spotted this announcement over on PUBLIB:

*What is it? A cookbook being written in which traditional cookbook
organization is out the window. The Dewey number of the recipe presented
along with Library of Congress subject headings will arrange this

*Who is writing it? You! This cookbook will be by and for librarians
and library lovers.

*How do I submit? Please send your favorite recipe/s (everything
accepted from soup to dessert and dog biscuits) to the editor at:
[email protected]
If you prefer mail, send to: Susan Henricks, Carnegie -Stout Public
Library, 360 W. 11th St., Dubuque, IA 52001 Include your name and
your library's name, city, and state which will be listed with your
recipe.*Do I have to catalog the recipe? Not required, but feel free if you're

*Who is making money? "Not I," said the librarian. Profits from this
cookbook will be donated to the Iowa Library Association's Endowed
Speakers Fund.

*When will it be ready? Ideally, in time for the Iowa Library
Association Conference - October, 2004.

*Did you get permission to use Dewey and LC? Absolutely. : )