Did the librarian--and the NYT--give Google a chance?

Submitted by rochelle on Sat, 02/07/2004 - 02:03

While we've already pointed to this NYT story today David Rothman has some additional thoughts and links. "The New York Times has just run an article headlined When a Search Engine Isn't Enough, Call a Librarian. True, true, true. Even in the Google era, librarians can be great fact-trackers and BS detectors. Their very existence is one safeguard against tainted search engines compromised by advertisers. Goodness knows where we'd be if Microsoft eventually devoured the more idealistic crew at Google and public librarians weren't around. But wait: there's a catch. Turns out that a librarian and the Times may not have given Google a chance in the example the newspaper cited to show the need for librarians. More at TeleRead. Also see a Library Stuff item through which I spotted the Times article."