Happy Birthday Macintosh


"It was 20 years ago today ..."

Actually, it was January 24, 1984 when Apple announced the Macintosh to their Board of Directors and to the world. Two days earlier, the now-famous "1984" commercial had aired during the Super Bowl. MacDailyNews has a little write-up about the historic product launch and the groundbreaking commercial that TV Guide said "did more to change the way ads are created and viewed than any commercial in years."

Oh, and you can view the commercial here, too.


Happy anniversary to the folks who gave us the smiley face and the boxy little Mac...they took the graphical interface icons developed at Xerox?
and brought us a way of computing that was intuitive, smart and spunky.

So...when are they gonna remake THE ad featuring Bill Gates as the "big brother" on the screen...and Steve Jobs or the Linx folks as the sprinters with the sledge hammer?