Trial over cat and dog fight starts today


NC Times Reports Jury selection is slated to begin today in a $1.5 million lawsuit a man with disabilities filed against the city of Escondido after a cat living in a city library attacked his assistance dog in 2000.

Richard Ramon "Rik" Espinosa, acting as his own attorney, is suing the city for damages over the Nov. 16, 2000, incident. Espinosa alleges in the lawsuit that he has several disabilities, including major depressive and panic disorders.

The issue to go before the jury is whether Espinosa had the same right to enter and use the library as anyone else, whether the city denied his right to have his assistance dog with him, and whether the city interfered with his admittance to and enjoyment of the library.


From the bottom of the story:

The cat was removed from the library in May 2001 after it attacked another dog. North County Times' archives show that was at least L.C.'s third attack on another animal.

Two years before swatting Kimba, the cat jumped on a Schnauzer named Toto, a dog nearly twice the cat's size, according to news reports. The cat allegedly jumped off the check-out counter, ran out the doors and pounced on the dog, which was on a leash. The dog panicked and his owner, an 11-year-old girl, burst into tears, witnesses said then.

I think I'm going to clean that litter box more often now. Someone keep track of this one, please -- I'm curious to know how it ends up.