WW2 Aerial Photos site


expresso2222 writes "A Web site showcasing more than 5 million aerial photos of World War II was crippled by demand on its first day. EvidenceinCamera (http://www.evidenceincamera.co.uk/) is being run by the University of Keele Library and features some of the most momentous events from the conflict, available for the public to see for the first time. Among the images captured are aerial shots of Auschwitz concentration camp and pictures of the US landings on Omaha beach. Allan William, head of the Evidence in Camera project, told Reuters: "These images allow us to see the real war at first hand. It is like a live-action replay. They were declassified years ago, but it takes days to find an individual image. Now they have been digitised and will be on the Internet, it takes seconds." Source: War photos site hamstrung by demand, by Will Sturgeon; January 20, 2004: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/internet/0,39020369,391192 03,00.htm"


Was unsuccessful; received the following message "Sorry, no result were found containing 'http://www.evidenceincamera.co.uk/'" Also tried "http://news.zdent.co.uk/internet/0.39020369.39119 203.00.htm"
My husband is a former prisoner of war captured at Hatten January 9, 1945. The weather was poor so perhaps there are no photos but I would have liked to contact the suggested addresses. What is the problem.

Both links work for me from here, not sure what the problem could be,

I've been trying to get on to www.evidenceincamera.com from the day it was supposed to come on line. So far I've had no luck whatsoever. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a hoax.
QUESTION: I have received a copy of a weekly magazine inside of which is a good selection of photos. The reference given is the above website. However on trying again still no luck. This time I ended up on a website with the name of "Stargeek"
Could someone please help

That's odd, you're the second person to say they can't get to http://www.evidenceincamera.co.ukevidenceincamera.co.uk>.
I can get to it no problem, maybe they're having some DNS issues?