Minutes from the LITA Regional Institutes Committee meeting at Midwinter

Submitted by rochelle on Mon, 01/26/2004 - 23:17

Peter Murray writes "Minutes from the Regional Institutes Committee meeting in San Diego are now up on the committee's page on the LITA website (scroll to the bottom of the page). Below is a summary:

There are now five Regional Institutes in production: Ebooks, XML Basics, Web Proxy, Open Source Software (full day – new), and Wireless Networks (new). Since July 2003, one Ebooks institute was conducted and a second was cancelled (it may be rescheduled), and an XML RI was conducted as a Midwinter preconference workshop. Six RIs have been scheduled through July (four XML, one Open Source, and one Web Proxy) with many expressions of interest from other sources. The committee anticipates it will be able to meet the targeted eight RIs for this calendar year. The committee received one proposal for "Librarians in the 21st" century, which needs development before determining its viability as a Regional Institute. RIC is seeking speakers for RIs on metasearch tools, PDA applications, streaming media, public access desktop management/security, and OpenURL administration.

I'm chair of the committee -- let me know if you have any questions."