New content management tool created for Emerald journal authors and editors

Submitted by Blake on Sun, 01/25/2004 - 16:54

Chris Olson writes: "Leading international management and information science publisher, Emerald, announces the release of JADE , an online article submission and peer review system. Developed to ensure the fastest and highest quality in electronic publishing, JADE will provide a single, simplified, end-to-end content management solution for Emerald journal authors and editors alike. Scheduled for activativation in February , JADE will also capture author copyright assignment to Emerald using a digital signature software solution, allowing access to the copyright status of all articles and non-article content at the click of a mouse."JADE introduces a new approach to content management for Emerald. It assures quality in the peer review process, improves communication and reduces the amount of administrative activity for everyone involved. It increases speed to publication and simplifies existing Emerald data and business processes," said John Peters, Emerald Editorial and Author Relations Director. "JADE will help to ensure that Emerald is an enabled, future-proofed e-service organization."

JADE creates a homepage for authors via individual registration and allows them to track the progress of their articles through the publication process. It gives access to a wide range of author resources from the Emerald Literati service. Online article submission provides an intuitive and friendly interface for submitting articles and will result in a fast and efficient publication service. Online peer review for journal editors will result in a fast and efficient peer review service, reducing administrative tasks and facilitating value-added activities and quality improvement.