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Daniel writes "If your patrons want help in sifting the wheat of truth from the chaff of lies, errors and distortions, point them to This is a nonpartisan effort funded by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Minnesota.The folks at take claims made in ads, debates and speeches and uses many sources to either confirm or deny what's being said. So far they seem to be bipartisan. Their last several stories were on the RNC on Clark and Iraq, What Bush Left Unsaid in State of the Union, and Gephardt Ad Quotes Dean Out of Context. They also you sign up for e-mail alerts so you can get the straight facts as soon as they know them. Each article contains a "sources" section with citations and available links to articles and reports used to check claims.If facts matter to you in this election season, you owe to yourself to sign up and recommend this site to others. Hopefully they won't find themselves plainly overwhelmed as we get closer to the election."


And the Jan. 4 issue gives the gaffs of Dean and his misfiguring of the tax cuts.

Today's issue:Bush A Military "Deserter?" Calm Down, MichaelClark backer Michael Moore calls President Bush a "deserter" for missing Air National Guard drills 31 years ago. Puh-lease!01.23.2004If by my headline selection in my orginal story, I protrayed Factcheck as mostly attacking Republicans, that wasn't my intention.