Microsoft Goes After HS Kid For Copyright Infringement

Pete writes "Only in America...From the Mac Observer we learn that Mike Rowe, a 17-year-old high school senior and Web designer from Victoria, has angered the software giant by registering an Internet site with the address"


Alrighty. So now we start going after everybody with similar sounding names to registered trademarks? Where do we draw the line? I remember the cases in which misspelled domain names or similar sounding ones were parts of schemes to bring up rather naughty domains. I know that has been a concern of the Federal Trade> in certain cases.

But a young man named that? Hmm.

Things are not as settled on the electronic frontier as some may hope to think, eh?

... arbiters domain name disputes. A review of the>
shows little rhyme or reason in their decisions.

If the boy had registered for the name and Microsoft went after him I would be backing the kid. But he added soft on the end because he knows it sounds like microsoft. The domain he registered was

Although if Microsoft had just let the kid have his site and not challenged him he might have received 8 to 10 hits a year. Now he is probably getting 5000 day.