Internet Explorer violated Patent (Eolas Technologies Inc)

Topic: writes "Internet Explorer violated Patent (Eolas Technologies Inc); A federal judge on Wednesday upheld a jury ruling that Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser infringed on a patent owned by Eolas Technologies Inc. and the University of California, and ordered the company to pay $520.6 million in damages. InfoWorld Article

MSFT is also making changes on Other Things as well. Microsoft agreed to a government demand that it eliminate a feature of its Windows XP operating system that overrides competitors' Web browsers, the Justice Department said.


...once upon a time, till I began using Opera and was introduced to the wonders of tabbed browsing.

I wonder if the original browser was as buggy and full of holes as IE... or if that was the addition that makes it truly MS's.

Various things come to mind reading the story. IE is the browser of choice for using OCLC Connexion unless one is using the downloaded client. IE is also the browser of choice for many distance learning platforms (even in the MLS programs!). Whether it is liked or not, the suit does create an interesting situation.

This story from> is an interview with the Eolas founder from September as to why the suit was brought. Eolas is a spin-off of an academic institution, it should be noted. That does not necessarily mean they look at business the same was Redmond does.

I wonder what the slippery slope will be for this in the world of education (and by extension libraries), especially with the growing importance of online education and how such impacts libraries. Admittedly, if one uses online course reserves, one falls in the wrong with respect to the suit due to how Acrobat opens in IE. If one views any embedded video or audio as part of courseware, one falls in the wrong. The case is not that neat and simple in terms of possible effects.