Library Accused of being too liberal

Submitted by Steven on Tue, 07/25/2000 - 09:35

The Washington Times has this article on the collection development practices of some libraries.\"Just how representative of its readers should a library be?
Should a library system in a heavily Democratic county have a surplus of left-leaning books? Should a majority Republican county be weighted toward conservative literature?
In an on-line survey of six Washington-area library systems, The Washington Times found that all had listings favoring, by varying degrees, the liberal side of the political spectrum. Fairfax (Va.) and Prince George\'s County (Md.) systems leaned the least; the District of Columbia and Montgomery (Md.), Frederick (Va.), Arlington (Va.) County systems veered left the most.\"
\"The topic surfaced recently when a conservative Web site reported that a public library in Toledo, Ohio, was giving unequal treatment to conservative patrons.\"
\"An anonymous library staff member told World Net Daily that while the library was allowing the local Planned Parenthood affiliate to meet on its property, it was turning down similar requests by conservative organizations such as Young Republicans or local Christian Coalition groups.\"
\"Local media picked up the story in June, and the matter was discussed on \"Dr. Laura\" Schlessinger\'s radio talk show. Although the Toledo Blade newspaper found the Web site\'s assertions were exaggerated, they touched on another facet of the debate — the political slant of books ordered by librarians. Back in 1996, the Toledo library had rejected a couple\'s donation of two copies of a highly critical biography of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.\"