The "forgetting curve"--NASA

Submitted by rochelle on Thu, 01/01/2004 - 03:50

bentley writes "The Los Angeles Times ran a thorough six-part series (Dec. 21-26) about the space shuttle Columbia. In part 4, there is a section about the importance of institutional memory. ........................
From the article...."At NASA, the men and women who tended the space shuttles were no longer its inventors and innovators. They were by necessity curators of an operational museum piece. ... 'People talk about the learning curve. Nobody talks about the forgetting curve.' ... When it came to Columbia, time had made a mockery of NASA's institutional memory. ... When accident investigators sought out a report documenting details of the shuttle's
design or performance, they often found only [meaningless] PowerPoint presentations. ... The board's investigators soon coined a phrase for
this new institutional amnesia. 'Death by PowerPoint.'"