Dec 2003 LIScareer Articles

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Brookover, Sophie. “Mentors: What Are They Good For?�
- [Mentoring] -;

Flores, Nadine M. The Agony and the Ecstasy: The
Misunderstandings of Commitment and Expectations of
Committee Leadership� – [Leadership] -;

King, Douglas. “The Renaissance Librarian: Catalogers
Working in Public Services� - [Experience] - ;

McGuire, Darwin. “Librarians in the Information Age:
Alternative Uses of MLS Degrees� - [Career Planning] - m;

Peters, Chrissie Anderson. “Reluctant Leaders: Helping
Others Have Confidence in Their Own Leadership
Abilities� - [Leadership] -;

Reprinted from NMRT Footnotes:
Roberts, Amanda. “Combating Ageism: Lessons Learned by
'Baby' Librarians� - [Experience] -;

Craig, Bryan. “My Job as Research Librarian at
Monticello� - [Career Planning] -

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