New library career blog available

Sarah and Rachel writes "Sarah and Rachel (the Library Job People) announce the creation of a brand new site, Beyond the Job, a career development blog for information professionals. Find calls for contributors, job search advice, articles on the profession, scholarships and grants, conference info, and more! Got ideas to submit? Send them in. RSS feed available for all those aggregator folks out there. Thanks to Steven of Library Stuff for suggesting such a thing in one of his recent posts."


Sounds fantastic. Don't forget to add ideas about publishing articles in some of the academic and industry journals.

That's absolutely going to be part of it -- anything and everything related to career development!

For more on publishing, check out the site for The Librarian's Guide to Writing for Publication, coming out in Jan. -- you can read the intro there and another chapter if you click through to the publisher's site.

Sarah's and my book on professional development online also somewhat belatedly inspired the blog -- here are a bunch of links to library-related publishing outlets from the book, if you're looking for inspiration on places to submit your work.

Glad to hear. Writing and presenting is something students should consider before they graduate, not just after. After leaving the corporate and vendor worlds, I jumped at the opportunity to starting writing as an independent. Even with only a few publications in 2003, I've gotten quite a few responses and recognition from potential clients and employers.Can't wait to read the book.