Ryerson U. teams with photo museum for masters program

Sam King points us "this story from CBC News online about a newly created, master's program in photographic preservation. Ryerson University has teamed up with world-renowned photography museum, the George Eastman House for this first-of-a-kind endeavour.

The museum, with its collection of more than 400,000 photos, will provide students an excellent resource in which to learn the trade. "There's not only a need for people who make photographs," said Ryerson professor Robert Burley. "There's a new requirement for, I guess you'd call them information managers, people who can manage not only virtual collections, but object-based collections as well."

Hmmm. I guess you could call them librarians.

- Sam"


Gee - we used to call them archivists!

You’re right – librarians play an important role in this.  If we look at the job titles of individuals responsible for
image collections (5000 or more) we can see that 10 out of the 60 (listed below)  have the word librarian or library
in them.  The big question is, “Given the recent developments in information and imaging technologies, will the number
of librarians (in the list) increase?�

Acquisitions Assistant, Archivist,
Archivist/Photog rapher,
Art Information Specialist,
Audio-Visual Librarian,
Cataloguer/Head Technical Services,
Collections Manager,
Collections Assistant,
Consultant/Archives & Museum Informatics,
Content Manager,
Coordinator of Photographic Services,
Coordinator/Visual Resources,
Curator of Visual Resources,
Curatorial Manager,
Digital Assets Manager,
Digital Library Consultant,
Director of Information Resources,
Director of Media Resources,
Director of Visual Resources,
Director/Centre for Documentation,
Director/Non-Print Collection,
Director/Photo Department,
Director/Visual Resources/Photographer,
Information Manager,
Information Specialist,
Library Materials Specialist,
Manager of Visual Resources,
Manager/Department of Photographic Resources,
Manager/Photo CD Development,
Media Librarian,
Media Specialist,
Non-print Librarian,
Non-Print Supervisor,
Photo Archivist,
Photo Circulation Manager,
Photo Consultant,
Photo Editor,
Photo Librarian,
Photograph Cataloguer,
Photo Collection Manager,
Production Manager,
Research and Documentation Coordinator,
Resource Centre Coordinator,
Resource Centre Manager,
Study Centre Manager,
Slide & Photo Curator,
Slide Cataloguer,
Slide Curator,
Slide Librarian,
Special Collections Librarian,
Technical Information Specialist,
Visual Documentalist,
Visual Resources Curator,
Visual Resources Information Specialist,
Visual Resources Manager.