Is RFID Technology Easy to Foil?


Makers of RFID (or radio frequency identification) tags, along with the retailers and suppliers who plan to use them, are saying the technology they spent millions of dollars developing is too weak to threaten consumer privacy. Metals, plastics and liquids, they say, all block radio signals before they reach RFID reader devices.

Please, let's not tell the patrons.

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So if I cary the book out of the library in a 50 gallon fish tank, it won't set off the alarms? Brilliant! *evil laugh*

As is the case with shoplifting, if someone wants it, they'll get it out somehow. Aluminum lined bags, hidden pockets, etc. Short of chaining the books to the stacks or attaching long wooden poles to the media, it's just the fact. Same with every technology that comes along to prevent media duplication. Where there's a will, there's a way.BTW I love my local library's policy: no tags, self checkout, no alarms. Honor system, and it seems to work really well, but that's a small town for you.