Demand for Thatcher papers threatens to overwhelm


Charles Davis writes that The Guardian is reporting on the recent release of the official website of the Thatcher
Foundation. "The online release of Margaret Thatcher's papers up to the time she became prime minister has excited so much interest that it threatened to overwhelm her website. During the weekend the website,, reported that "Heavy traffic is causing delays and access problems" - following press reports that the archive, housed at Churchill College, Cambridge, was opened to the public on Friday."

Lady Thatcher's archive is now the most accessible of any modern politician, containing declassified Falklands War documents, letters and correspondence with foreign leaders, and handwritten notes.
Read the full article at The Guardian.Author's Note: The website contains more that just documents produced by Lady Thatcher, including multimedia (video, audio, photos), bibliographies, chronological timelines, and much more.



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