Wanted: world records about books, periodicals or libraries

Godfrey Oswald writes "Are you in possession of the smallest book in the world? Do you know about a library that has the largest books on law in South America?? Do you have proof regarding the largest book published in Asia? Have you information on the biggest fines ever paid for an overdue book in U.S. public libraries? Do you know the name of the first magazine published in the U.S. or Canada ?The author of "Library World Records" is currently researching and working on a brand new edition of the book.
Anyone who has details about any world records about books, periodicals and libraries is eligible to submit it.

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Details about the current edition of "Library World Records". "
He says Library World Records will be published in the U.S. in November 2003 by McFarland & Company Inc. ISBN 078641619X. 264 pages, 112 photographs. Includes bibliography and index. Softcover (paperback) and 7 x 10 inchdes in dimensions.