Tales of a Librarian

The new release by Tori Amos will give us something to listen to while playing with our librarian action figures. "Tales of a Librarian," is a compilation of Amos' work from 1991-2001. As fond as I am of gratuitous mentions of librarianship in pop culture, I sure hope she's not trading on our good name just to make a buck. Perhaps we could approach her, a la Michael Moore, and get her to set up an ALA scholarship.


She's devoted to RAINN (which is an excellent cause) but I don't see why *libraries* couldn't become involved in holding fundraisers for RAINN.Libraries can do more to help other organisations and worthwhile charities, in particular causes where silence and a lack of information further victimises people.Tori has always been one to put on dress and image to help her girls (her songs) express themselves. She's a bit wacky but she's the best.

Here's the homepage of RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.