INSPEC to expand coverage to 1898

mcbride writes "IEE will be announcing at Online Information 2003 that the complete backfile of pre-INSPEC years of Science Abstracts (1898-1968) will be available in 2004. Although the total number of records is small in comparison to the current state of INSPEC (~10% increase), it adds nearly 70 years of expertly abstracted information to the premier engineering resource.

From the INSPEC listserv:
INSPEC Archive - Science Abstracts (1898-1968).
Until now, the pre-Inspec years of Science Abstracts (1898-1968) have
only been available in print with associated limited accessibility.
Inspec has digitised this whole collection both to preserve it and
give it the enhanced searchability of online access. An XML archival
backfile to the Database will be produced comprising approximately
800,000 records - available Spring 2004 for direct customers and
loading by Inspec vendors.

For further information please visit IEE at"