Nick Bogaty November Guest on E-bookworm Show


Lori Bell writes "Nick Bogaty, Executive Director of the Open eBook
Forum, will be the guest on the November 20 edition of
E-bookworm, an online talk show for librarians,
visually impaired, and others interested in e-books.
The show will be broadcast from 3:00-4:00 P.M. Central
time with Tom Peters from TAP Information Services as
the show host.

If you want to listen to the broadcast without
participating, go to pl?31122688174,
type your name and press enter. If you want to
participate in the show so that you can ask questions,
enter the chat room by going to 2688174,
enter your name, no password is necessary and click
enter. No special software is required to participate.
When you enter the room, the ivocalize software being
used for the show will ask you to download a small
applet to your computer. To listen or to participate,
all you need are a PC with Internet connection, sound
card and speakers.

This monthly program is sponsored by the Mid-Illinois
Talking Book Center and TAP Information Services. For
more information, please contact Tom Peters at
[email protected]."