Publishers Grudgingly Cooperate With Amazon Database Effort


Ender spotted This Publishers Weekly Piece on Publishers are keeping a wary eye on's new initiative: digitizing nonfiction titles to create an online database that can be searched by keywords. The plan, first reported about in the New York Times in July, is seen as a way to draw more traffic to the Amazon site as it competes with search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Yep. Looks like authors' rights continue to take a backseat to progress and $$. 20% is more than enough, especially since out of all the competitor books one will find the needed informtion in that 20%.

> The third concern, and one shared by the Authors Guild, is that publishers don't have the contractual right to let an author's work appear on the site without the author's consent. "Amazon is asking for rights we're not sure we have the right to give," one publisher acknowledged.

Why not just grey/blur out every other line? Page layout would still be there, all the glorious color, but only half usable.