Can a Librarian Go to the Prom?


An anonymous patron sent this one in [via craigslist]

can a librarian go to the prom? -m4wI was at the central library this evening with my daughter. Completly and unexpectedly I became smitten with the beautiful librarian working in the juvenial section. I've been trying to work up the courage to ask a woman to the prom being held at Roshambeau Winery this saturday night. I'm a single father and would never ever ask a woman out in front of my number one lady(daughter). I do hope you are there when I get a chance to come in alone. Oh and I know tons about Yom Kippur now, thank you.

Just thought we'd post this in case the lucky librarian reads LISNews!


Sonnet #148O me! what eyes hath love put in my headWhich have no correspondence with true sight:Or if they have, where is my judgement fledThat censures falsely what they see aright?If that be fair whereon my false eyes dote,What means the world to say it is not so?If it be not, then love doth well denoteLove's eye is not so true as all men's: No,How can it? O how can love's eye be true,That is so vex'd with watching and with tears?No marvel then though I mistake my view:The sun itself sees not till heaven clears.O cunning Love! with tears thou keep'st me blindLest eyes well-seeing thy foul faults should find!P.S. Love looks not with the eyes but with the mindand therefore is winged cupid painted blind.Bill Shakspere

What's your cutter number baby?I bet you have quite a nice book worm!You must work at a busy library, cuz baby you just increased my circulation.Are you a librarian? Well I really need to be shushed!Damn... you have more hardcovers than my private stashAre you a librarian, because when you walked in the room I knew I was overdue!I couldn't help noticing what a great book bag you haveHave you heard the one about the librarian with more stacks than she could handle?You look like a real challenge!No one believes I am a librarian, maybe you should try to check me out.You have the tightest hair bun in the place.I'm like Google, more results than you can deal with.Did I mention I write for LISNews?Let's play search engine: enter your terms and see if you get positive results.Soooooo, people tell me that I look like Chris Sherman.I'd catalog you under "Desirable!"You have some back-end architecture.Either my sight's fading fast, or you're the hottest guy I've checked out all week.So, you're a librarian? Do you mind if I work on your desk?So... they say Dewey had a harem, care to help me start mine?So they say you're like a public library, anyone with a card can check you out.Mind if I check you out?I may not be a cataloger, but I bet I can find a place to fit you in.You'd find me in the RC560.S43's!Let's play shelf reading, you be the shelf and I'll jump in.So is it true academic librarians only let scholars in?My mom was a librarian, she taught me every should have access to my stacksDo you sleep on your books? Can I?What's you cutter number baby?Forget that! Playing doctor is for kids! Let's play librarian.So do you mind if I use my Dewey Decimal on you?My budget just got cut, buy me a drinkdamn... you're stacked better than the LOCHey baby, let's play library, you can be the door and I'll slam you!Do you know the difference between sex and The LC Subject Headings? (No.) Do you want to go up to my room?So is it true public librarians let anyone in?Didn't I see you on the cover of American Libraries?Are you a librarian? So then you can belive in open access to your stacks?You're a librarian?? You've got to refer me to your plastic surgeon.I'd luuuuuv to check you outSo when's the last time you were "on the desk"Care to do a little shelf reading?Want to come back to my room and play cataloger? I brought my own Dewey.Hey baby, wanna go knit?Let's go get Dewey.I can do the neatest thing with a full set of the OED.I do collection development for 613.96As a librarian, I've learned to work very well with women.My library or yours? Better make it mine, we don't have filters.I'll make you scream LC subject headings.My fingers are quite strong from typing all day.You've never seen a LAN like mine.

Leaving aside the tackiness of the last comment -- although some of these are somewhat funny -- I have this to say for the guy:Go for it dude!!! The worst that's going to happen is you're going to get turned down.And why not have your daughter there? At least you look like a responsible parent. Or, better yet, have your daughter ask her out for you. Who could turn down a cute pre-teen(??) trying to set up her father.

I agree with the go for it, however, as a part time dad, do not have your daughter ask the librarian out for you. Have your daughter there, after all kids and dogs make for great pick up lines in and of themselves, but ask the librarian out yourself. Otherwise you may come across as a loser hiding behind his daughter trying to get a date.

And speaking as the daughter of a father, I quite agree with the above. Would you want to be a go-between in the sex life of one of your parents? Eeeew.