Copyright Issues Present Ongoing Dilemma: To Link or Not To Link?

Topic: has This Article which was excerpted from the book "Digital Dilemmas: Ethical Issues for Online Media Professionals."

They say to some, ownership of intellectual property rights in cyberspace simply reflect corporate values that treat virtual space no differently than physical space, where private lots and businesses are protected by walls, fences and gates.


So the question arises: Is it ethical to make and distribute copies of news content?

Seems to me what the dude is talking about is fair use. And one better hope that some court in the U.S. takes it head out of its robes and starts to rule firmly in favour of fair use over capitalist greed. While fair use is a vaguely defined and broad concept, it does allow for reproducing varying amounts of material at no charge for educational purposes or for review and a couple of other reasons, and disallowing it entirely could mean the end of public discourse.

The driving provisions behind the DMCA, for instance, if extended to their illogical extreme, could be used to stop from people from talking about current events while standing on a street corner. If you are talking about the news, and you paraphrase the article which was your source, then you are necessarily rewriting it. (All writing takes place in the mind; everything else is just transcription.) If you quote the headline or a portion of text, then you are redistributing it. If you e-mail the quote, that would constitute retransmission.