Reading the future

Bob Cox sent along This Story from on Franklin Electronic Publishers new Ebook-Like device called the \"eBookman\". They say it\'s a combination electronic-book reader, MP3 music player, and personal digital assistant.At just $129.95, this could be the one to watch.

\"Last week, it announced that it would work with Microsoft Corp. to incorporate Microsoft Reader software into eBookman. \"This is the first time Microsoft is licensing its Reader software to a third party for use on the third party\'s platform,\" said Gregory J. Winsky, Franklin\'s executive vice president.
he eBookman is the latest in a series of technological changes that have moved Franklin from just providing electronic reference devices to providing content that can be used on numerous devices.
The core of Franklin\'s business remains the Bookman, a handheld computer that holds an electronic, searchable version of a reference work, such as a dictionary, Bible, thesaurus or language translator. Many Bookman models also feature card slots for adding more titles.
Franklin has about 200 reference titles, ranging from crossword solvers to Betty Crocker cookbooks.

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