2 white librarians say bias continues


"Two Fulton County librarians who were among the winners of a $17 million racial discrimination lawsuit against the library system claim it is still treating them unfairly."

"It happened, again," librarian Maureen Kelly, who was transferred from the downtown library, said Thursday."

"The Atlanta-Fulton County Library Board discussed the latest round of allegations submitted to the county Equal Employment Opportunity office in a closed-door meeting Thursday. Both librarians were plaintiffs in the 2002 trial, in which a jury found they were discriminated against for being white." (from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


And I recall someone posting that librarians shouldn't go after damages, because it hurts library systems - and that miscreant administrators/library systems will clean up their problems after losing.

It could be true that these librarians are just hassling the library system - however I'm willing to grant them benefit of the doubt.

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL