For Young German Writers, All Is Ich


Looking for some interesting new reads? Patrons getting bored of the same books you\'re giving to them? Then take a look at the following article from the New York Times. Its about young German authors and their books.

Young German readers are themselves restless, pursuing some new identity that some say is happiness; polls show that \"being happy\" is one of the most important goals of young Germans.

\"Today there is nothing to belong to,\" Andreas Petzold, the editor of Neon, a new magazine for 20-somethings, told a Berlin newspaper, Taggespiegel. \"Young Germans are therefore asking themselves, `What can I do to be happy?\' \"

And they enjoy, apparently, reading about their quest.

Some of Ms. Hermann\'s characters wallow in a claustrophobic depression of the artsy 30-year-old waiting for life to happen inside a cozy haze of sex and cigarettes. But Mr. Kaminer, a Russian Jew who came to Germany in 1990, suggests in his work that the happiest, least-burdened Berliners are its newest immigrants, whose lives are eccentric, extraordinary and rarely dull.

Here\'s the full article.
[via Steven Fesenmaier]