20% of children online solicited for cybersex


The Star Tribune has this scary article about a study that concluded that 1 in 5 children who are online get solicited for cybersex...3% of which happens in libraries.
\"The congressional study, the first scientific examination of risks to children online, also found that 1 in 4 children encountered pornographic pictures while researching homework topics or checking their e-mail. Of the 1,500 children, ages 10 to 17, surveyed in the study, teenage girls were most likely to be victims of sexual approaches, while teenage boys were most likely to accidentally come across porn\"\"Few of the children had reported the incidents to authorities. In fact, the majority of children and their parents said they did not know to whom they should report such incidents. Only a quarter of children told their parents about sexual approaches, while 40 percent told their parents about accidentally seeing pornographic images.\"

\"The head of the missing children center, Ernest Allen, said a big surprise was the profile of the typical sexual solicitor: another teen.\"

\"There tends to be a stereotype about who the person is -- the dirty old man syndrome. Fully one-half of the solicitors for sex are other kids,\" he said.\"

\"Although parents probably will by surprised by the results, they should not keep their children off the Internet, said the study\'s author, David Finkelhor, a University of New Hampshire sociologist.\"

\"We don\'t think that our findings do anything to undermine people\'s sense that the Internet has tremendous educational possibilities for young people, and access to it and involvement in it is an important part of citizenship in today\'s world,\" Finkelhor said.\"

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