'The Sponge' one reason to cross the border


In 1995, millions of American women lost a fairly reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable (depending on how active you are) form of birth control when Robbins Healthcare stopped selling the Today Sponge. The demise of the sponge was even memorialized in a Seinfeld episode in which Elaine stockpiles boxes and boxes of the contraceptive.
A collective hurrah went up when Allendale Pharmaceuticals started up production of the sponge again in early 2003. While the U.S. awaits FDA reapproval, the sponge is available, over-the-counter, to our Canadian sisters. It is also available online to non-Canadian consumers, but with vendors cancelling and cutting back, you'll have to fill your carry-on with something for the colleagues besides bubble pens and notepads. This year, tell the colleagues to expect drug-store themed goodies, featuring SARS masks, disposable thermometers, and the sponge.