Copies of Latest Harry Potter Book Found in Field


Okay, I realize that I\'m going to link here to The Sun Online but I think it is the best source for this story.

...the 40-year-old dad-of-two stumbled across the copies yesterday morning while walking on common land in the market town of Bungay. He immediately called The Sun and we sent our man Mike Darvill to collect the books from him.

The books were kept under lock and key at the Sun HQ, so don\'t hold your breath for spoliers.


The Sun refuses to give away any of the blockbuster book’s secrets.

But we can reveal that a THIRD copy of the new book is in circulation.

Our news team received a call yesterday offering us the first three chapters of the book for £25,000.

A shifty-sounding man told us: “I want the money in a suitcase and I will give you the first three chapters.”

The Sun turned down his offer — keeping alive the excitement of legions of youngsters across the globe.

What would you have done with the books? I\'ve got one word: eBay!

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