Library science hooks into high-tech


"Shhh. There's something exciting brewing in the field of library science that's transforming card catalog gurus into professional Internet sleuths."

"While librarians have often been the first and best warriors in our never-ending battle for information, their realm was previously contained to aisles of books and hardbound reference manuals. Now, instead of lecturing on the Dewey decimal system and directing customers to the right aisle for that hard-to-find book, librarians can direct their "clients" to the best website or journal database."

"Prof. Louise Robbins, director of the School of Library and Information Studies at the UW-Madison, says that librarians are the go-between for people who want information and the information itself. She says many people might not know where or how to do an effective search. Trained librarians can do it faster and usually find exactly what they're looking for, she says. Plus, it's almost always free." (from Madison Magazine - Thanks Mary)

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