Candy-Coated Electronics


Lee Hadden writes " There is an interesting article on applying library and information
science concepts to the computer field. See the article in the April
15th Wall Street Journal, "Candy-Coated Electronics,"


on the editorial page.

"...Today's standard
file system was born in
the '70s -- never
intended for
21st-century demands.
Nowadays it is
hopelessly outclassed.
The desktop interface
(that pint-sized parking
lot for icons) is in
tough shape too. So we
have search engines and
finder programs and
document managers and
other specialized
applications, operating
like counter clerks at
an ancient library where
the books are all hidden
on collapsing shelves in
the back. But counter
clerks are no answer.
All the important design
requirements apply to
the bookshelf itself --
to the basic
architecture of
information storage. We
need unity and

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