You Spell It “internet”...


"About a month ago, I started writing "website" instead of "Web site" in personal notes and correspondence. After six years of obediently engaging the shift key, the former suddenly seemed acceptable and the latter seemed antiquated and, well, not worth the effort."

"When lingo becomes familiar, new terms lose their starch and slide into a more casual style. Trademarks are forgotten, words merge and hyphens fall away. That's happening now to the language of the Internet--too swiftly or not swiftly enough, depending on whom you ask."

"Along with The Associated Press Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style, most newspapers and online news sites still agree on the big three: Web site, Internet, e-mail. In the mainstream press, the gradient begins with terms such as online (or on-line, if you prefer) and various Web- and e-derivatives. AJR moved from Web log to Weblog not long ago, when the term came into common use." (from American Journalism Review)