We will give you 2 weeks...then we call the cops!!

The Detroit News ran this story on a two week amnesty period that a library will give its patrons to return overdue books. After that, they will have police issue warrants.
\"People can bring back overdue books with no problem during the amnesty days ... or they\'ll be dealing with the Public Safety Department,\" Public Safety Director Adam Garcia said.
Anybody with an overdue book after May 31 could be charged with larceny, a misdemeanor punishable by 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.\"

\"We want you to bring it back so the slate\'s clean,\" Russ said. \"There are a lot of people who are embarrassed and don\'t want to admit they\'ve had books for five years. We just want our stuff back.\"
On Friday, Theresa Small, 27, was checking out one book and returning another. A voracious reader, the only time Small has had a late book was when her 6-year-old son Raymond accidentally left an Arthur book under his bed for three days. The fine came from his piggy bank.
\"People get busy and are embarrassed to bring them in. It gives them a chance to get the books back on the shelves to people who can use them,\" Small said.
William Trudgeon, 71, reads the local papers and the library\'s collection of biographies. He hopes the police get more materials back.
\"It\'s a little extreme but it gets the point across,\" he said. \"(Patrons) have to do something to be more responsible.\"

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