Theory of Gravity Stolen!

Submitted by Aaron on Mon, 11/11/2002 - 21:14

This article certainly makes me feel better about loosing a few copies of Consumer Reports and Go Ask Alice a year. It could be worse!
From Reuters. Thieves have stolen the celebrated book in which the 17th century English physicist Issac Newton formulated his famous law of gravity

Posing as readers, the thieves stole a rare first edition of Isaac Newton\'s \"Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica\" from the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, a library official told Reuters Sunday

I\'m interested what the theives plan to do with the book. It\'s not like they can post this one on eBay. Any purchaser of said book would need to keep it on the down low too. Could it be that the thieves stole it for their own enjoyment?Read the full story.