BloodHag, the library band


From The Seattle Times:

Laying eyes on BloodHag\'s four members is its own entertainment, especially surrounded by the other patrons of Ballard\'s Sunset Tavern. Sporting thick glasses, white button-down shirts and ties, they\'re easy enough to pick out from the ironic-T-shirt-wearing, dyed-haired masses. When they take the stage, one guy at the bar wonders who the ska band is.

Not ska, friends. Speed metal. They\'re named BloodHag. Think about it. And not just any kind of speed metal, but tunes extolling the praises of science-fiction authors. These metal kings sing songs of George Orwell and Isaac Asimov, as well as Franz Kafka and William S. Burroughs. Usually author Octavia Butler would be represented in a set, but her ode has been nixed from tonight\'s lineup, since they\'ve played it so much . . .

Books and science fiction are both in [singer Jake] Stratton\'s blood. Both his parents are librarians who instilled in him a love of reading. His adoration of sci-fi and fantasy came once his father read him J.R.R. Tolkien\'s \"The Hobbit,\" the same book that turned on the other members of the band to alternate realms. \"The Hobbit\" led to Tolkien\'s \"Lord of the Rings\" trilogy, then authors such as Ursula LeGuin, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein. In their teenage years these guys, all in their 30s except for 28-year-old Carpenter, read as much as they rocked.

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