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Philosophy in West Virginia ? A New Project

Background: Gordon Simmons has been teaching college level philosophy courses for more than a decade, traveling the state like a circuit riding, teaching at WV State College, the University of Charleston, Marshall University, and Kentucky and Ohio community colleges.
Advisors: Gordon Simmons, Allen Johnson, Rich Young, Steve Fesenmaier
Aim: To acquire videos about philosophy; to promote their use in public libraries, classrooms, and community organizations
Library Center : Green Bank Public Library. This library is also acquiring materials on cosmology, astronomy, and related materials
He has been previewing all new videos acquired by Steve Fesenmaier who has also taught philosophy courses and together with Mr. Simmons taught ?Living Philosophers? at UC with guest philosopher Karl Hess. Recently Fesenmaier has discovered three major film series on philosophy distributed by Films for the Humanities and Science. They are now previewing two of the series and given their previews of two tapes borrowed on ILL from various WV colleges, will recommend that Mr. Johnson acquire them for the new collection at the new Green Bank library which is a branch of the Pocahontas County Free Library. (This is the highest county east of the Mississippi and summer home of Senator Rockefeller.) This library is near the Green Bank National Radio Telescope, home to the largest steerable radio telescope in the world.

Hopefully WVLC collection development funds, funds from WV Commission on the Arts, etc. can be used to acquire the videos and others available. Promotional materials will be created when they are purchased, and the citizens of WV will have for the first time access to these exciting support materials.

Contact: Allen Johnson, Director, Pocahontas County Free Library 304-799-6000

Gordon Simmons, Division of Culture & History, 304-558-0240

Steve Fesenmaier,librarian, film reviewer, philosopher (304) 345-5850
[email protected]

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