Librarians everywhere WIN EFF Pioneer Award


Andy Breeding writes \"Today\'s technology cover story on titled \"The Twilight of the Cryptogeeks\" mentions that \"Librarians everywhere\" were given an EFF Pioneer award.

Be sure to Check it out.

\"Whitfield Diffie bounds to the platform, He stands now before the audience with his neat gray beard, shoulder-length blond hair and sudden uncontained enthusiasm. \"Librarians!\" he exclaims. \"I\'m thrilled with this award.\"
He goes on to say he was not involved in the judging; this is the first moment he has learned of it. And now that he thinks of it, those wonderful librarians of his childhood, the ones who helped him when he was working on his dissertation -- yes! Librarians!

\"I wouldn\'t have thought to give this award,\" he declaims in the full throes of the convert\'s confession. \"Therefore it comes as a revelation.\"

All those invisible, dedicated civil servants. Mostly working for government. In public libraries. Paid for by taxes. Diffie stands there with arms out. He is truly, naively, nakedly, unabashedly amazed to consider it. The whole libertarian edifice crumbles as he looks at it. Revelation.

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