Webcasting Determination Announced by Librarian of Congress.

While listening to blues
on Live365.com, I read on their home
page that the
Librarian of Congress announced the new royalty rate for Webcasting

Live365 was \"disappointed\" by the rate, \"seven one-hundredth of a cent,
per song, per performance, per listener,\" but still had up a request that
folk send a
\'thank you\' letter
to \"Senators Leahy
and Hatch to thank
them for their attention to this issue.\"  They held Senate hearings
on May 15th to discuss the webcasting rates.  The audio
of the hearings are currently archived
as part of 365\'s (slightly
quirky) government news radio stream collection
.  The site also
has a resource page on the CARP,
the \"Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel.\"



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  • Live365\'s sample letter:
    • \"Use the sample letter, below, or create your own.\"

             Dear Chairman Leahy
      and Senator Hatch:

             Thank you for holding
      a hearing about Internet radio and the

             risk that Internet
      radio is going to be crushed by high

             royalties owed to
      the record industry. I listen to Internet

             radio, I enjoy it
      a great deal, and I have purchased several

             CDs after first
      hearing the music online.

             Internet radio helps
      me discover new music and enjoy more

             varieties of old
      music. It is great for artists who don’t get

             airplay on broadcast
      radio, and great for listeners like me who

             dislike cookie-cutter

             Please make sure
      that royalties do not kill Internet radio, so

             that I can continue
      to discover new artists and new music.

             Thank you.




        Contact The
      Honorable Orrin Hatch

        Contact The
      Honorable Patrick Leahy