AlltheWeb claims bigger index than Google


Alltheweb Says It\'s Bigger Than Google, let\'s compare some results.

-- Google Results --
Links to librarystuff [1060]
Links to LISNews [1840]
Steven M Cohen [1240]
Blake Carver [727]
lisnews [7520]

-- Alltheweb results --

Links to librarystuff [204]
Links To LISNews [636]

Steven M. Cohen [1589]
Blake Carver [1133]
lisnews [3335]

-- Top ten Results for: librarian news --
Google [about 556,000 total]
LISNews, NewBreed, HeritageQuest,, Internet Librarian News, Video Librarian Online

-- Top ten Results for: librarian news --
Alltheweb [1,596,047 total]
LISNews, Video Librarian, Digital Librarian: Activism, Special Libraries Association News Division, Library News Daily, HeritageQuest, Teacher Librarian, NewBreed, The Shifted Librarian.

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