Library Juice 5:4


I seldom plug my publication here, but this week\'s issue of Library Juice deserves mention, because it contains a good portion of the intellectual product that came out of the first ALA meeting following Sept. 11th. Contents include a report to SRRT by Al Kagan on the ALA Council meetings, the text of the resolutions (and a statement) brought by SRRT to ALA Council, an essay by Mark Rosenzweig on why war issues are library issues, the text of the IFRT/IFC resolution regarding the war that was passed by ALA Council (which I believe has already appeared here), a link to a collection of photos Howard Besser took in New Orleans, links to the two most recent SRRT newsletters, and lots of other good stuff. It is a very SRRT-y issue, because that\'s who I spend the bulk of my time with at conferences. Library Juice is often not this political, but I like it when it is.

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