Librarians Lobby to Save Electronic Library

Submitted by Ieleen on Tue, 01/15/2002 - 11:38

Rozella Hardin writes...
\"If you can surf the Internet or find your way to a Tennessee public library, you\'re only a few keystrokes away from an $11,000 information windfall known as the Tennessee Electronic Library. For no charge, you can dig into virtual mountains of reference materials, magazines, almanacs, encyclopedias, academic journals, and directories. Since 10/1999, the electronic library has provided access to nearly 4.7 million documents on topics ranging from business to literature to current events to health and wellness. Librarians report using it for purposes as serious as aiding in cancer research at St. Jude Children\'s Hospital and as frivolous as answering an office trivia quiz about why a Fig Newton is so named.\" More