ALA\'s Search Engine Stoned on Oak Leaf/Marijuana Hybrid


If you\'ve used the search engine found on the ALA\'s site, then you know it is almost worthless. Now we know why.

Click here to go to the homepage for the Alkaline search engine.

Why the ALA would settle for this product, who knows? Read on for evidence... A search of, using the provided tool for the word \"salary\" produces 378 hits. Fine. Funny, that the page on Membership Dues Comes up first though.

Returning back to the search page, and entering \"salary standards\" yields 103 hits. That makes sense, the Boolean operator of \"AND\" is default. This would lead one to believe, perhaps, that the search field accepts Boolean Logic. However, a search of \"salary AND standards\" gives 3100 hits. Hmm. If, though, the search is repeated with the default \"match all terms (Boolean AND all terms)\" box checked, 16 hits are reported.

If this isn\'t enough, it seems that the rules change depending if you are on the main search page or a page that has previous results.

Should such milquetoast performance be accepted from the professional organization librarians?