Are There Turkeys in Your Library Bureaucracy?

Submitted by Cornelia on Mon, 11/26/2001 - 14:30

This rather
odd website
is a \"proposal to change the county
library annual performance evaluation management policy
and appraisal of promotability rating procedures\". It includes a
detailed proposal, proposed new evaluation forms, leadership
concepts, bibliographies,
Inside a Librarian\'s Amazing Brain
, and more.
Someone sure must have been annoyed with library
\"Order is essential for a happy flock! Official orders handed
down through the chain-of-command should never be questioned.
We want business as usual and the status quo to keep things
harmonious,\"says one of the turkeys in the Turkey
On the other hand, \"the eagle\'s commitment to scientific truth
and his skepticism regarding superficial bureaucratic rules and
regulations gave him the courage and the optimism to survive and
to adapt to the continuously changing environment around
The moral of the story is \"Fly like an eagle or roast like a turkey\".