Human Embryos Have Been Cloned

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 11/26/2001 - 11:28

Hermit ;-) writes \"Oh, diffusion of knowledge what shall we do with thee... The WashingtonPost takes a swipe at the \"media savvy\", selective dissemination of the research results of the human cloning experiment, ending with a criticism from ethics professor Glen McGee who, according to the article, \"has criticized ACT\'s [the company that did the cloning research] selectively releasing details of its work through the media. \"That\'s not the way to do science, and everyone in science who works on sensitive issues says so,\" McGee said.\" At the same time the WP doesn\'t link into the abstract or the full text pdf of the online journal that published the work. On the other hand, the NBC science correspondent, Robert Bazell, during the \'Meet the Press\' interview Sunday, seemed to take issue that the authors of the study are \"going to publish it in the open literature so that everybody else--anybody else who wanted to do it, could do it [clone].\" The LAtimes also mentions that \"As the company continues to publish its research, these critics say, someone could eventually use it to create a cloned embryo and grow it to term in a surrogate mother.\" ... Sigh. Cloning, obsession du jour. \"