100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You’ve Never Heard Of: Beyond Google, Wikipedia and other generic reference sites, the Internet boasts a multitude of search engines, dictionaries, reference desks and databases that have organized and archived information for quick and easy searches. In this list, we’ve compiled just 100 of our favorites, for teachers, students, hypochondriacs, procrastinators, bookworms, sports nuts and more.


This set of links is from the same people I wrote about recently.

And so does her bank account.

There are plenty of posts around about Fiona King... this should either be taken down or amended...

So should I not link to Steven M. Cohen because he's just a front for ITI or Abram because he's just a front for Sirsi?

It's obvious to me what they're doing. If the page is interesting, and in this case it is, I'm not sure I need to question the motives of the secret people behind it. I know exactly what they're doing, and to me this is the right way to do SEO work, I deal with the worst of it every day, and this ain't it.

You might be able to convince me this is wrong, but the arguments I've seen so far aren't doing it.

I have no argument with LISNews pointing to the post--but after looking at the situation, I'm just deleting Fiona King's emails to me suggesting posts for Walt at Random. (Your choice is your choice. I don't argue with it, but it's not my choice.)

But your counter-examples simply aren't relevant. Neither Cohen nor Abram sends me (or, I suspect, anyone else) emails saying "Why don't you write about this post?"--and both make their affiliations pretty obvious.

Excellent point. My counters were probably not the best.

C'mon.... Daily emails with lists of impossible numbers of links to applications or sites that are old hat, totally irrelevant to the task at hand or just plain useless? That totally endearing way she starts all those emails with the line, "I know this is out of the blue, but..."

(Yup. I too have received way too many of these.)

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