ALA - Fun but too big

Hi All,

Last week I vacationed at ALA prior to a visit with my Dad. I've written up a few sessions over at Free Government Information.

It was great to meet people and match names to faces and to hook up with people that I'd previously met at govdocs conferences that I don't get to any more.

But it was just so big! I missed so many people that I would have liked to have met. And then I had to pass up invites for things that would have involved 4 hours plus driving (hi Stephen K).

Will I spend another vacation at ALA? Perhaps, but not certain. Especially since I owe my VERY supportive spouse a traditional vacation (i.e. not programmed with colleagues) sometime soon.

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You should have come! If you can stand the heat down here, the Stations Casino group casinos have interesting deals available. I can understand not wanting to make the drive considering how barren and unpopulated it gets at spots.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen